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How to choose a primary demolition crusher

Building demolition is one of CMB's strengths: like modern dinosaurs, demolition machines equipped with CMB attachments do the work that up to 30 years ago was performed by dozens of human beings. Such products have the advantage of being interchangeable, allowing multiple jobs to be done with the same main body.

An example? A demolition kit for the first part of the job might be right for you, followed by a shear kit to break off the parts that still remained together. With demolition equipment you lengthen the extensions, raise the buckets, descend the polyp grabs to pick up the material, primary demolition crushers attack buildings to knock them down and reduce them to dust.

Speaking of primary crushers: what is there to know? These are tools that, in the modern construction industry, have now become as necessary and irreplaceable as ever. In a market with increasingly tight delivery times and gradually increasing competition, it is essential to implement, before starting, a complete planning of the work that includes all its phases: from the demolition work to the breaking up and separation of rubble, to the rapid transport of the accumulated inert material, which is potentially dangerous due to dust.

However, this is not enough: it is also necessary to equip oneself with the right equipment to resolve the demolition quickly, primarily a primary demolition crusher.

How to effectively handle each step?

Demolishing with the primary demolition crusher

Carrying out such operations professionally, optimizing time and resources, is now possible: CMB presents you with the CC series, the primary demolition crusher. Primary demolition is the initial part of a demolition, in which the construction is demolished and the rubble must then be crushed for later transport. The process is very delicate: a demolition carried out by inexperienced personnel could cause sudden collapse, due to structural failure, with damage to those working around it. Reinforced concrete, moreover, has iron reinforcements inside it that could injure the workers doing the work.
pinza demolitrice serie CC
The CC series demolition grapple has technical features that are specially designed to make this type of work easy and safe. Starting with the structure, this attachment guarantees excellent performance and high levels of safety: the supporting body is made of Strenx 700 and the contact structure of Hardox 450, two types of certified Swedish steel of the highest quality.

The design allowed for a high concentrated force on the tip and teeth of the crusher, making it powerful but also extremely precise. Therefore, this breaker attachment is capable of crushing only the target part. Hardened pins and bushings, interchangeable teeth and fully protected inverted cylinders also provide the CC Series demolition cutter with long-lasting protection, ensuring a long life for the machine.
Migliorare l’operatività anche nelle zone impervie

Lots of features in one demolition kit

Such safety and protective features are also present on CMB's MD Series demolition cutter, which is not strictly a cutter but rather a multi kit breaker. The MD acronym in fact identifies a versatile product, where several other elements can be mounted on a main structure to deal with all situations as the work progresses. So here it is that, after using the main demolition set, a shear kit can be mounted on it to cut concrete reinforcement.

All this always on the main body and in just a few minutes, saving a considerable amount of time. The machine's motor allows you to rotate the crusher or shear at any time, for a better demolition result. There's more: this motor is protected from all sides and totally reinforced, to avoid impacts against rubble that could damage it.
Finally, note that the CC kit for demolition can also be mounted as an additional kit on this MD Series, for an even better performing end result.

In conclusion, controlled demolition is a complex job and not an easy one to handle. Especially in this historical phase of restarting, the great challenge of every contractor is to keep up with the many demands coming in and the resources to be optimized. It bears repeating: the right means make all the difference in getting a leg up!

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