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New CR 800E hydraulic shear in operation

CMB announced the commissioning of the new CR 800E hydraulic metal shear, one of its heavier and more powerful products, only exceeded by the CR 1000E. This shear has a weight of 8200 kg and was installed on a KOBELCO SK500 excavator.

What functions does a hydraulic shear have?

Typically, it can be used in recycling operations for ferrous materials. Cutting iron by hand in these cases is a slow and tiring job that would once have taken dozens of people with gas blow torches.

CMB today is ready to solve such a job in just a few hours, thanks precisely to hydraulic shears like this one. Their strength? Not surprisingly, it's their...strength, in fact.

The benefits of hydraulic shears: a matter of strength

Hydraulic shears are capable of developing such forces that they become suitable for easily cutting through even the strongest iron in a matter of seconds. The CR 800E hydraulic shear, for example, can easily reach a force of 1,200 tons and tear apart even the sturdiest iron so that it can be transported later with ease to clear the work area quickly.

The hydraulic shears in the CMB lines have a reinforced motor to withstand shocks and also have the great advantage of being rotating. Being able to rotate, it is easier to always get the best grip on their blades-a bit like grappling with an "ordinary" 8200-kilogram knife!

Hou may be wondering now: is it possible that while working closely with iron made for concrete, trains or planes, CMB's shears have a long life even with a minimum of maintenance? Well, the answer is yes. This is because CMB has chosen as its partner the SSAB steel factory from Sweden, one of the best in the world.
nuova cesoia idraulica CR 800E in opera in Francia
SSAB supplies the high-quality Hardox 450, a wear-resistant steel made especially for the highest contact and pressure points of the shear. On the other hand, as far as the support is concerned, where a very hard steel could be brittle with the various jolts and mechanical stresses, here CMB has chosen, again from the Swedish steel mill SSAB, Strenx 700: an elastic steel able to withstand all the stress of the machine in the best way.

Hydraulic excavator shear: why use it

Strong, durable, irreplaceable: here's why a good hydraulic excavator shear, such as CMB's CR 800E, has all the features to become the perfect partner during your heaviest jobs. Where there is a need to cut and reduce large pieces of iron by volume, as well as in recycling operations for ferrous materials, with this hydraulic shear you will do a flawless job with minimal effort and reduced costs. We tell you more: you will also do the environment a favor, because saving time means consuming less fuel and thus reducing C02 emissions.
The great reliability of CMB's products, entirely designed and assembled in the Asigliano Veneto plant in the province of Vicenza, allows high productivity with consequent time savings. It has to be said: with a CMB hydraulic shear you can get your jobs done in much less time, going for lower costs and maximizing efficiency on site.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact CMB for expert assistance on a product that interests you.